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Prison Begins: Star Chef Alphonse Schubeck is in jail

Prison Begins: Star Chef Alphonse Schubeck is in jail

Star chef Alphonse Shubik is now in prison. On Wednesday he began his prison sentence for tax evasion, confirmed the head of Landsberg am Lech prison, Monica Gross.

The Augsburger Allgemeine newspaper reported earlier. Shubik’s lawyer, Tobias Pritsch, did not initially comment on this matter. “We will not comment on your application and we will not comment on statements made by the public prosecutor. The same applies to our client,” he said after the Munich public prosecutor called Schubeck into custody last week.

Millions of dollars in tax evasion

The famous chef was sentenced to three years and two months in prison in October last year for tax evasion of millions. The Federal Court of Justice (BGH) largely affirmed this ruling in June, saying that it was “essentially final”, the court decided.

According to the local court, Shubik evaded paying 2.3 million euros, and according to current case law, an almost unavoidable prison sentence of 1 million euros.

Before the ruins of a long career

Shubik, who has cooked for celebrities such as Queen Elizabeth II, Charlie Chaplin and Bayern Munich players, is now facing the ruins of a long and illustrious career following the ruling and the bankruptcy of his restaurants. All that remains are his spice shops, which are run by the Shohbeck company and have recently been subjected to controversy over non-payment of rent.

Shortly before the 74-year-old’s prison sentence began, a job advertisement from Landsberg am Lech prison made headlines. In the prison where he will now serve his sentence for tax evasion, he has been looking for a new cook.

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However, prisoners cannot hold this position, the JVA deputy chief said at his request. Plus, by the end of the application period a good month ago, several people had already expressed interest in the chef or baker position.