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The New 2023 Yamaha Off-Road Competition YZ450F

The New 2023 Yamaha Off-Road Competition YZ450F

Engine, transmission, frame

With a new piston, lighter cylinder and low-friction timing chain, the speed limit has been raised by 500 rpm. The crankshaft and connecting rod have been redesigned for more efficient operation, and a lighter plain bearing replaces the previous needle bearing. The new hollow stabilizer shaft also contains one new counterweight. This improved, lighter construction is said to significantly reduce vibration.

Drag channel with straightening The transition to the cylinder head and titanium intake valves with a diameter of more than 39 mm also contribute to improved performance. The suction volume can be increased by 9 percent. The distance between the drive shafts of the gearbox has been increased, as well as the diameter of individual gears. To do this, the previous model’s two-piece steel/aluminum clutch was replaced with a durable, lightweight one-piece steel chassis with disc springs in place of traditional coil springs.

The connection is placed on the frame Between the tank tubes and the head tube, which is now 15 mm lower than before. The connection between the frame tubes, which connects the tank tubes to the down tube, has also been lowered to the same degree. The new frame has a 4mm thick steel motor with three thru bolts instead of the 8mm thick aluminum motor with a through bolt, which increases rigidity.

Ergonomics, chassis, brakes

The three elements of the passenger’s ergonomics – seat, handlebar and footpegs – have been repositioned to provide a convenient riding position for passengers of different bodies. The seatpost, which is over 5 mm in height, has a significantly flat surface and rounded profiles on the sides to provide better freedom of movement. The footrests are lowered by 5 millimeters and the handlebars can be adjusted to four different positions. Kayaba suspension elements were equipped with new valves. Drivers can now access clear chassis settings information and recommendations via the Power Tuner app on their smartphone, making settings guesswork a thing of the past. The rear brakes feature a new, softer brake line for a smoother braking feel.

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Traction Control, Launch Control, APP

The new convertible’s two-stage traction control is controlled via the app, which has also received an update. The new Quick Adjust function enables faster adjustment of the motor characteristics from Smooth to Aggressive using the slider. Other functions: cycle timer, engine speed, fuel consumption, speed and other data. The launch control system has a new “speed limit” function, where the maximum engine speed can be set between 6000 rpm and 11,000 rpm in increments of 500 rpm. After starting or third gear, the speed limiter turns off automatically. Using a new fuel pump and air box and reworking small parts like the throttle cable, steering switch and water pump wheel, weight has been reduced by 2.3kg to just 109kg when you are ready to drive and with a full tank.

Availability and color options for Yamaha YZ450F 2023

The new YZ450F will be available from November 2022 and will be available in two different colors: Icon Blue and Monster Black. The YZ450F Monster Energy Yamaha Racing Edition features black hardware with blue accents and Monster Energy graphics.

New Yamaha YZ450F 2023. All details at a glance:

  • New 450cc engine, lighter, slimmer and more compact
  • Linear increase in power at all engine speeds and maximum engine revs up to 500 rpm
  • Increased air intake capacity with 39mm titanium intake valves
  • A revised five-speed gearbox and a new, lighter clutch
  • New dry sump lubrication system
  • Gross weight reduced by 2.3 kg to 109 kg when you are ready to drive with a full tank
  • Re-engineered dual-ply aluminum frame with revised rigidity balance
  • Upgraded telescopic fork damper valves and shock absorbers
  • New manually adjustable compression damping on the telescopic fork
  • Thinner and more compact body for more freedom of movement for the driver
  • Flatter and narrower seat for more freedom of movement
  • New 3-position adjustable traction control system
  • Launch control system update
  • The new and most intuitive Power Tuner app with Quick Tuner
  • New cycle timer feature and much more
  • Landing Gear Setup Guide based on FAQ
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