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Volksbank invites guests to the VIP area of ​​the Nation's Beach Volleyball Championship »LeaderSant

Volksbank invites guests to the VIP area of ​​the Nation’s Beach Volleyball Championship »LeaderSant

| Christopher Overter

| 08/11/2022

Several of the bank’s partners were among the guests.

“We will welcome over 450 guests to our VIP area,” said Barbara Blair-Cernicci of Volksbank Marketing at the start of the event.

Among them was Mark Harms, member of the board of directors of Union Investment Austria and partner of Volksbank: “What I value most about Volksbank is reliability.”

“We have been a Volksbank subsidiary for 30 years and a partner for a year. We acquired Immocontract and it was very important for us to maintain this partnership,” said Sascha Haimovici, Managing Director of Immocontract.

Gerald Fleischmann, Managing Director of Volksbank Wien, explained the reason for the partnership with the two companies as follows: “Volksbanks always try to select the best product partner for our clients. Union Investment Securities and Immocontract Real Estate.” Also present at the event were Wolfgang Laer, Head of Communications and Marketing, Volkswagen Bank Vienna, snowboarders Eva Benckling, Stefan Kraft, Daniel Huber and Kiara Kreuzer, Gernot Oehler, Managing Director of Austrian Sports Aid, and Andreas Unia, Moderator. , Michaela Dorfmeister, former ski racer, Sonia Spindelhofer, member of the OOC board, Michael Mack, managing director of Immocontract, Sandra Hofer, board members of Union Investment Austria, Werner Kogler, Vice-Chancellor, Ralf Wolfgang-Lothert, member of the board of JTI, Monika Rintersbacher, Managing Director of Leitbetriebe Austria, Wolfgang Bender, President of WKW Vienna Café Group, Franz Gartner, Member of the Supervisory Board of Volksbank Wien, Richard Maurlechner, Managing Director of Weekend Magazin, Margarete Kritz-Zwittkovits, Vice President of WKW, Michael Stix, CCO ProSiebenSat1Puls4 GmbH, Gabriela Maria Straka, member of the Brauunion management team and Martin Distl, management director, [M]Austria studio in front of the camera.

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