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Der neue Citroen C4 BlueHDi 130 EAT8 im Guten Tag Österreich Autotest (Bildquelle: Thomas Resch)

The new C4 Citroen in the test

New Citroen C4 BlueHDi 130 EAT8 on test car Guten Tag Austria (Image source: Thomas Resch)

For decades, compact limousines from Citroën have impressed with their expressive appearance, high level of comfort and driving characteristics.

At Guten Tag Austria Autotest we extensively tested the new Citroën C4 BlueHDi (diesel) 130 hp EAT8 automatic transmission in Shine gear variant.

With its unique design, the new Citroën C4 represents a new concept at the heart of its segment. The silhouette features a high, expressive body shape and aerodynamically streamlined lines. The elegance and dynamism of sedans cleverly blend with the strong character of an SUV. The signature new V-shaped LED light on the front and rear is a hallmark of the dynamic brand identity. The high-quality and warm materials inside ensure well-being on board, while modern assistance systems increase passenger safety. The new Citroën C4 focuses on personalization – customers can design their cars individually thanks to 31 exterior variants and design packages as well as six interior atmospheres.

Once inside, the interior exudes quality and character. In line with the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme, it conveys a feeling of supreme comfort. The wide horizontal instrument panel emphasizes the exceptional size of the space. Several practical storage areas, such as a dashboard with a drawer, were successfully integrated into the interior. The driver and passengers are surrounded by a comfortable and warm atmosphere. On the steering wheel with wide lower spokes, the controls for the driver assistance systems on the left and the controls for the infotainment system on the right were included. The automatic transmission’s glossy black paddle shifters are fitted behind the steering wheel. The driver can automatically change the speed at any time, regardless of the steering angle.

All interfaces with the vehicle have an elegant design and give the interior a modern look. The frameless, high-resolution digital instrument cluster impresses with its easy-to-read graphics that resemble those of a typical Citroën. Cozy white ambient lighting conveys a floating effect. A large, colorful display completes the look. The driver does not have to take his eyes off the road – all important driving information is presented intuitively and in an easy-to-read manner. Center air vents and the standard 10-inch ultra-flat frameless touchscreen are impressively integrated into the upper center of the dashboard. The gloss black main console features its chrome handle and double chevron pattern. In line with this, the dual-zone automatic air conditioning is also operated by the same styled chrome-plated rotary control and gloss black push-buttons.

Our test cart is equipped with a high quality automatic gear selector. Smooth gear changes ensure a special driving pleasure. There are three modes to choose from: Reverse (R), Neutral (N) and Drive (D). There are also parking (P) and manual (M) functions. The electric parking brake and selector switch for the three drive modes are integrated into the console: Economy, Normal and Sport. In terms of the efficient 130-horsepower diesel engine, this vehicle tester made us happy.

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