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perfect scooter?  Yamaha XMax 300

perfect scooter? Yamaha XMax 300

It is no coincidence that Yamaha is introducing the new XMax to the world press in Milan of all places. Each street has several rows of parking spaces reserved for two-wheeled drivers, parking on sidewalks is common practice and scooters account for at least 50 percent of all traffic.
XMax is not uncommon there. After all, Italy is largely responsible for the fact that more than 450,000 different displacement classes have been sold worldwide since 2005. From June, the latest development of the XMax 300, classified by Yamaha as “Premium Sport” will be available Scooter”, from dealers and will be available again as a better-equipped Tech Max for an additional cost of €700. The main difference is the 4.3-inch TFT color display and true map navigation from the XMax, which is equipped with a simpler but also new LC display. Overall, the Tech Max looks sleeker thanks to details like the leather-trimmed seat and newly designed aluminum footboards. The adjustable windshield mounts and rearview mirror rails are also made from the Tech Max’s sturdier, lighter-alloy metal. However, the most significant difference is the built-in navigation system, which is based on the Garmin solution and, unlike, say, the Yamaha TMAX, is available without additional monthly costs. The range of functions is limited to moving from one place to another, but this is certainly enough for use in local traffic. This is interesting, for example, for courier services that constantly have to head to new destinations and don’t want to leave their smartphone unattended on the scooter. However, in this case, you have to do without quickly entering the next destination by voice command.
Both versions of the XMax 300 offer a smartphone connection via cable, which transmits calls, messages, and various technical information about ride data directly to the scooter screen using Yamaha’s free MyRide app. The smartphone remains in the left front tray and is charged at the same time. The same applies here as with the commute: nice and well-made feature, but can only beat the advantages of a smartphone mounted directly to the scooter with a cell phone mount if you turn on the safety side.

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The XMax 300 and Tech Max come with a contemporary keyless entry (“smart key”) small enough to resist the temptation to store it in one of the front luggage compartments. Speaking of luggage: As usual with the XMax, you can fit a surprising amount of it under the seat. You can choose between two full face helmets or one helmet plus an A4 bag. And of course there is nothing wrong with installing a top bag if you really need more luggage space. Indeed, the new XMax, with its windshield that can be adjusted in height by five centimeters (if only with a screwdriver) and the modified extra-wide seat, offers more comfort on the road than most motorcycles. Also helping is the large tank capacity of 13.2 liters, with which a range of more than 400 kilometers can be reached with ease.

The single-cylinder output of 292 cc, 28 PS and 29 Nm remains unchanged. For a full tank of 183 kilograms, that doesn’t seem like much, but the trick with scooters is a V-shaped automatic and tuned to the engine’s torque curve. Yamaha has done this excellently with the XMax, which means that it delivers extremely fast towing in every speed range relevant to its intended use. Clear case: The 125s don’t stand a chance against the XMax 300.
Yamaha didn’t make any modifications to the chassis either. With tire dimensions of 15 inches at the front and 14 inches at the rear, the stability is perfect, also thanks to the wheelbase, which is quite long compared to a Vespa, without handling suffering as a result. However, like almost all motorcycles, the XMax does not absorb short impacts, such as those common when driving over manhole covers, and is less good than regular motorcycles. After all, the preload of the two rear spring struts can be adjusted with a wrench. The brake response behavior has been improved, which now provides a very sporty pressure point, especially at the front, giving an extra sense of security thanks to the properly tuned ABS. By the way, both versions of the XMax 300 are equipped with traction control.

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do you want more? Not real. The 500-cube displacement class pulls up more aggressively, but it’s also noticeably heavier and more difficult without providing more luggage space. 125 Is it enough? Yes, for swimming in traffic, but not for the extra driving pleasure. And the Yamaha XMax and Tech Max 300 offer a lot of that.

Prices in Austria:
XMax 300: 6,799 euros
XMax 300 – Tech MAX: 7499 euros