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The new MCU series turns the Marvel universe upside down ·

The new MCU series turns the Marvel universe upside down ·

This summer, the craziest MCU project yet will start with “Marvel’s What If …?” In it, fans can look forward to an interesting new team.

Currently, “Falcon and Winter Soldier“To feel in Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The Marvel year has only just begun, because we have more series and movies ahead of us. The animated series stands out Marvel’s What If…?, Which will be launched at Disney + in mid-2021.

In the ten episodes of Season 1, we can expect familiar scenarios, however, these have been altered in important details. For example, in the first episode, the super soldier serum is given to Peggy Carter and not Steve Rogers. So far we have assumed that these stories are told separately from one another. They’re clearly more related, as the series’ artwork suggests. This at least declares the Guardians of the Multiverse:

We provide more information about the future of the MCU on our website Video:

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Will the “Guardians of the Multiverse” come to the movies, too?

The Guardians clearly includes the following characters:

  • Peggy Carter is Captain of Britain
  • Eric Kilmonger, who is unlike “”Black Panther“It looks like there is no villain here
  • Gamora, her costume suggests another version of the character
  • T’Challah as the Star of the Lord. Instead of Peter Coyle, he was kidnapped from the ground as a child, and thus not kidnapped by the black panther
  • Strange, but in a distinctly different outfit
  • Black Widow
  • ox. However, he is dressed to resemble Odin
  • The observer He belongs to an alien species that is observing the universe. Geoffrey Wright He speaks the character and in this role also acts as a narrator in “Marvel’s What If …?”
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MCU-Chef Kevin Figi It has already been announced that the multiverse is the next big step for the franchise. “Loki“Are you getting us into this new concept for the first time at Disney + on June 11th, before Marvel’s What If …?” This theme plays across several scenarios with different dimensions.

Of course, it is not clear now whether we will see the “Guardians of the Multiverse” as a team or whether this is more than just a marketing tool. It will undoubtedly be interesting, especially since there is a similar group in comics with the exiles. This consists of characters from different realities who come together to solve problems in several dimensions. So Marvel’s What If …? On a story that’s more coherent and not just independent episodes. Especially since there is an opportunity to mention or even show the “Guardians of the Multiverse” in other films or series. “Strange doctor in the multiverse of insanityIt presents itself as an option for that.

But first we have to wait and see if the series actually introduces us to the next MCU team. Marvel’s What If …? At Disney + in mid-2021, there is no specific start date yet. According to Fiji, work is already underway on a second season, which also features ten episodes.

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