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How does Apple's new M1 iMac compare?

How does Apple’s new M1 iMac compare?

Apple recently introduced the new M1 iMac at a Spring Loaded event, so can a Windows PC rival the new iMac? […]

We have taken a close look at the known specifications of the new Apple computer and compared them to the integrated specifications from the major computer manufacturers (c) Apple.

the new M1 based iMac It represents a major upgrade to the popular all-in-onethe computer From Apple. But other PC manufacturers also sell all-in-one, and some are pretty good hardware. Can any of them keep up with the new iMac?

We used the known specifications from the new AppleComputers And compare it to all-in-one hardware from one of the major computer manufacturers. Of course, technical data alone is not meaningful, but at first glance it should be iMac Windows mates made nervous.

Value: iMac loses out

It’s a little difficult to know how much is new 24-inch iMac It will cost, as it will only be available to order in a few days and will not be delivered until May. However, as expected, these are Apple’s Premium pricing.

The iMac essential One offers a little slower M1 chipAnd 8 GB RAM and 256 GB SSD for $ 1,300. In a move only Apple might be able to take, the primary iMac doesn’t appear to come with either Gigabit Ethernet or USB-A ports. This is a cool move because USB-A and Ethernet ports are pretty much a standard feature on every desktop.

For $ 1,700, you can get something a little faster M 1But the same lean 8GB RAM and 512GB SSD.

Windows-based all-in-onethe computer It offers a lot more value, but we have to admit that the lower end of the Windows world can get pretty ugly. Many $ 500 all-ins still come with inferior hard drives. We do not recommend purchasing a computer with only one hard drive. Wait for the SSD.

Taking a look at Dell’s Inspiron 27 7000 with a 27-inch screen, 11th-generation Core i7 1165G7, 32GB RAM, 1TB NVMe SSD and 1TB HDD for $ 1,440 shows that it has everything Apple needs. It is a worthless slogan.

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Not that there are only deals in the world of all-in-one computers. Microsoft’s best-of-its-kind (but with age) Surface Studio 2 starts at $ 3,500 with 1 TB SSD and 16 GB RAM, 7th Generation (yes, 7th generation) Core i7-7820HQ and GeForce GTX 1060 – graphic.

We’ll have to wait for Apple to put the cards on the table, and how many upgrades they’ve made on the new card iMac Will be offered, but don’t expect much value.

Screen: The iMac wins

the new 24-inch iMac It has a screen with a resolution of 4.5K “Retina” (4,480 x 2,520), which is very bright at 500 nits. One area that Apple rarely skimps on is screen. So you can bet only the best Windows All-in-One can match it here.

The first runner is Microsoft’s expensive Surface Studio 2 and a 28-inch “PixelSense” display with a resolution of 4500 x 3000. Surface Studio 2 also offers pen and touch support, which Apple rejected for the Mac line for unknown reasons. Most all-in-ones range from inexpensive 1920 x 1,080 FHD panels, which can be a good fit, to 4K panels. HP Envy All-in-One offers a 31.5-inch 4K UHD panel with 600 nits.

In all fairness, if you want an all-in-one with more pixels, check out Apple’s older 27-inch iMac, which has a Retina 5K display of 5120 x 2880 pixels. Like the Surface Studio 2, the older iMac will likely be phased out soon.

Overall, given Apple’s reputation for good motherboards, we’ll see the new 24-inch iMac in good company; Only the best all-in-one computers can compete for screen quality.

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(C) Apples

Aesthetics: It’s subjective

Usually anyone who buys an all-in-one PC wants a big screen in a space-saving case and something pleasing to the eye. You can say what you want about the iMac 24, but it’s a true go-to, with its ultra-thin screen that looks like it’s taken directly from Microsoft Surface Studio 2. The rainbow of color options takes us back to the original. iMac.

The lineup of all-in-one PCs ranges from the sleek Surface Studio 2 or HP’s Envy All-in-One to more expensive models that often look like they’ve come out of a cash register. Here it really comes into the eye of the beholder.

Performance: Too narrow to make a decision

Apple’s claim to fame with the new iMac 24 is its well-received device M1 processorIt can keep up with the best CPUs from AMD and Intel. The M1 needs original software to perform its best, but it will still perform well compared to most universal computers. We expect it to outperform most budget all-in-ones that come with cheaper, less-performing Pentium and Core i3 CPUs. We also expect it to compete well with the mid-range Windows all-in-one hardware, which often uses mobile CPUs rather than desktop CPUs.

The reason why Apple hasn’t touted the new iMac 24 as an all-in-one Windows killer is because you can get a great deal of performance on some models. For example, the HP Envy All-in-One 32, which we mentioned earlier, is based on the eight-core desktop Core i7-10700 and works with GeForce RTX 2070 or GeForce RTX 2080 as a graphics card. Yes, the annoying Apple fanatic in the next booth may want to grumble about how quickly this is M 1 It is (and is), but we guarantee the HP Envy 32 will crush the iMac 24 in terms of performance.

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Of course, if you love someone’s strength Desktop computers The really important thing is not to buy an All-In-One PC. Alternatively, buy a traditional tower desktop.


If you were to talk about the upgrades, you probably wouldn’t buy an all-in-one device. The only options that you can replace with some integrated hardware are RAM and storage.

With the iMac 24, even those two options are off the table, as it has soldered RAM and storage. But let’s go back to the beginning: Don’t buy an all-in-one if you’re interested in upgrades.

My voice

Finally, we get to something that’s the defining feature of The new iMac 24 It must be mentioned: phonetics. No, we don’t mean how well your speakers sound (although Apple tends to deliver good sound overall). We mean how loud the computer Become. Using an iPhone SoC on steroids, an M 1 An amazing amount of power with very little heat.

Very low heat means very little fan noise. Apple claims the new iMac 24 produces only 10 dB of noise. Basically, you’ll never hear it, even with a heavy workload. We can’t say that about the Windows all-in-one devices currently in production, which are either slower than the iMac 24 or higher or faster than the iMac 24 and still higher.

* Gordon Mah Ong, one of the founding fathers of Militant Tech Reports, has been reporting on computers and components since 1998.