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The next round in the diesel scandal – VW calls the US Supreme Court – the economy

Diesel scandal is not going away from VW yet!

The car company is facing severe fines, and the company is now suing in the Supreme Court in Washington. Volkswagen hopes for a release at the highest level.

Background: VW suffered a major legal defeat against the state of Ohio in June, leading to further restrictions on proper exhaust gas handling in diesel cars.

VW believes that claims by individual districts and states such as Ohio have already been offset by penalties and compensation that the company may have to pay for violating U.S. clean air law across the country. Many U.S. courts have come to this conclusion in similar cases. VW has already booked costs in excess of 30 30 billion due to the emissions scandal – mostly in the United States for fines and compensation.

However, it is unclear whether the US Supreme Court will deal with the case. Ohio is one of many legal entities that VW is still struggling with the tradition of the diesel affair.

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