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The old stone house sparkles with new splendor (photos / video)

Image: (screenshot/youtube)

Djordje Dunet bought an old stone house in 2020, and within two years he transformed it into a dream home. First, the house, which for decades had served as a barn for wrecked cars, had to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Then electricity, water and wall cladding were done.

The roof also had to be renewed from the ground up, a new skylight bringing enough daylight into the little stone house. Since the walls were cold and prone to mold, the new owner had to invest heavily in interior insulation with Styrofoam and plasterboard.

Image: (screenshot/youtube)

The natural beech wood floor brought more warmth to the home, as gray stone dominates.

In the video, the proud homeowner says he enjoyed renovating the old stone house, but it was also very expensive. Many home improvement enthusiasts know from experience that building a home from scratch is often a lot easier than renovating an old home. However, the result of the work is impressive.

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