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Guide: Connect iPad to TV: Wirelessly or via HDMI

The iPad screen has crisp resolution and rich contrast. Sometimes it still makes sense to cast the content of the iPad screen to the TV. If you want to connect your iPad to your TV, you can do so via an HDMI cable and wirelessly using AirPlay.

Connect the iPad to the TV using the cable

It only takes a few simple steps to establish a connection between your iPad and TV via cable. This makes sense for TVs They are not online yet. However, the iPad only has one device by default USB-C slot or Lightning connector.

To connect both devices via an HDMI cable, you need one An HDMI to Lightning connector or USB-C to HDMI adapter. You then connect both devices with a cable and select the HDMI input as the TV source.

Wireless connection between iPad and TV via WLAN

If you have an Internet-connected TV or Apple TV, you can connect your iPad to your TV without using a cable. For this either be used directly Standard broadcasting from Apple via AirPlay or the Apple TV app.

Both your TV (or Apple TV Box) and iPad must sign up for this In the same WLAN. Once both devices are on, proceed with the following:

  1. If your TV supports AirPlay or is connected to your Apple TV, open a video on your iPad in File Apple TV app or other compatible app And tap on the AirPlay icon there.
  2. In the selection you now directly choose File AirPlay-enabled TV or Apple TV Box Outside.
  3. Consequently A symbol appears on the TVwhich must now be entered into the iPad to confirm.
  4. After entering the code, the connection is established and Cast iPad screen to TV.
  5. to me to end the connection againjust click the AirPlay icon again and choose Disable AirPlay.
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Bypass is the wireless transfer of a picture between the iPad and the TV Also possible with Fire TV Stick. Especially when looking at photos or videos but also when playing games iPad games Makes sense Connect the iPad to the TV.