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The Otto Grünmandl Prize for Literature goes to Hans Platzmeyer

The Otto Grünmandl Prize for Literature goes to Hans Platzmeyer

Innsbruck writer and essayist Hans Platzgomer was awarded the Otto Grünmandel Prize for Literature, worth 5,000 euros. Tyrolean Culture Minister Beate Palfrader (ÖVP) praised Platzgumer as a “critical spirit” known beyond state borders, and noted his diverse artistic work: “He also had an impressive career as a musician.” The award ceremony is held at the Culture Festival in the fall.

Hans Platzgommer was born in Innsbruck in 1969 and lives in Bregenz and Vienna. He studied music in Vienna and Los Angeles, moved to New York, Munich and Hamburg and released several records. Since the first decade of the twenty-first century, he has devoted himself primarily to writing. He writes novels, articles, radio plays, music and songs. “Am Rand” was longlisted for the 2016 German Book Award. Recently “Three Seconds Now” (novel, 2018), “Welcome to My Reality!” (Article, 2019) and “Bogners Abgang” (novel, 2021) in Zsolnay.

The Otto Grünmandel Prize for Literature has been awarded every two years since 2010 in memory of the famous Tyrolean cabaret artist, actor and writer who died in 2000. With this award, the State of Tirol honors the complete works or outstanding individual achievements of Tyrolean writers.

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