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Impossible Kitchen: "Healthy Boy Band" wins a generation duel

Impossible Kitchen: “Healthy Boy Band” wins a generation duel

Two Against Three – Admittedly, the first Impossible Kitchen Duel for generations was numerically unbalanced. However: Where does the “Healthy Boy Squad” consist of Lucas Maraz, Philip Reachinger and Felix Schilhorn There was another man at the start, Tim Malzer and Seb Schilhorn could equalize the score in terms of experience. But then, everything turned out completely different.

“The job was great.”

First, the “elders” had to do it Zurich “Rosie” Recreation of a modern Bavarian inn kitchen. Cordon Bleu with Whipped Heart and Cheese and a Dish called “Hybrid Potato” They were in the program. Especially since the latter had it all. Potato dumplings filled with two different sauces culminate in a fried flower – perhaps the most difficult task for the Schilhorn and Malzer. Cut a potato into one thin sticks osmosis bath Of course, only original chef Markus Stockel knows what to tackle beforehand. But Cordon Bleu also had weaknesses. One jury member was reminded of the “thick summer roll,” but the main criticism was the lack of strict consistency in the fondue heart. With the “potato hybrid” the question arises: “Was that a dumpling?”, another moderate member of the jury: “It was an attempt.” “Seb and Tim did incredibly well,” Stockle says at the end and forgives. 100 points.

The possibility of conflict

“At the end of the day, it was a challenge for us,” says Felix Schilhorn after that day. “Lohninger” in Frankfurt am Main Say. The “Healthy Boy Squad” was sent there to reinvent three dishes by Mario Lohninger – an Austrian by birth -: green Frankfurt sauce, chitara with tomato sauce and a dessert called “Mozart’s Frivoler” – Lohninger’s interpretation of Mozartkogel with crisp nougat, pistachio ice cream, and ice cream. Almonds and sugar braids. If the trio still ran a stable run with the first course – the jury only complained that the sauce was too flat and runny – Of course pasta Pasta to challenge. It had to be made gluten-free. He praised Lohninger Schellhorn’s performance as “he did it at the last minute, but he made it.” One jury member criticized the “consistency too poor”, but the taste of the pasta was “perfect”. In sweets, “Healthy Boy Band” is perhaps the furthest from the original. Lohniger praises them “I did well”, In the end, it was “mid-level”, but “the flair and spirit were there.”

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0 points would be appropriate.

That Tim Malzer and Seb Shellhorn Making pizza in Copenhagen They didn’t expect it. Accordingly, reactions ranged from disappointment to annoyance when Cristian Francesco Buglisi’s “Pizza and Burrata” was shown on the programme. The Previously “Noma” So Chef It serves produce-focused Italian cuisine at Best, so ingredients such as mozzarella and sausage must be made in-house. But failure begins with the dough. After the bread is too hot, it will remind the jurors more of the crunchy bread. The jury heard: “It tastes good, but it is completely different.” “It just didn’t work.”says Seb Chillhorn, as they “find it difficult to make the right decisions,” the original chef puts it in a nutshell.

“No mistakes today”

There are fewer problems with the London Sketch decision-making process, because Lucas Mraz is once again taking on the role “President”. While Felix Schilhorn creates langoustines for what looks like clocks, Raschinger and Mraz prepare other ingredients of the dish “langoustines in 4 different shapes”. Johannes Nodding to. “The guys organized it well, they analyzed it well,” says the head chef, who was born in Tyrol and now back in Austria. The jury is even tougher on the Healthy Boy Squad. “You can definitely see the similarities.”, she says. However, in terms of taste, it is constantly unrecognizable, the jelly is “reminiscent of broth”, the spices in the lobster tail are too dense, the dim sum dough is “not thin enough”, the foam is “far from original” and with carpaccio one of the members The jury got the impression that he drank Fanta.

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Impossible Kitchen Season 7 Episode 8
Result at a glance:

Tim Malzer and Seb Shellhorn
Rosie in Zurich – 5.1 points
Best in Copenhagen – 3.9 points
Total: 9 points

“Healthy Boy Band”
“Lohninger” in Frankfurt – 6.6 points
“Sketch – Lecture Room & Library” in London – 5.4 points
Total: 12 points

Excerpt: Episode Guide – Impossible Kitchen Season 7 Episode 8


The end of Season 7 of Kitchen Impossible will be on April 3 – then viewers can expect another special: Best Friends Edition with Tim Mälzer vs. Tim Raue vs. Max Strohe.

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