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The Praterstrasse cycle route was completed by the end of the year

The Praterstrasse cycle route was completed by the end of the year


Part of the so-called “bike highway” is currently being built on Praterstrasse in Leopoldstadt. Construction work is expected to be completed by the end of the year. The car diversion has already been lifted and Praterstrasse can be used again as usual.

Christian Zant, construction site coordinator for the city of Vienna, explained that the construction of the bike path is going well. This also provides temporary relief for automobile traffic: previously, drivers were redirected towards the city center via the Weintraubengasse. Zant says that is no longer necessary. You can “drive through Praterstrasse again as usual.”

In the opposite direction, towards Praterstern, it is no longer necessary to turn around, as it is possible to drive through it again. It should stay that way until the beginning or middle of January. The next construction phase will begin after that, after which there will be new traffic procedures and traffic will also be rerouted again, Zant said.

Construction work will continue next year

Zant is “very satisfied” with the progress of building the bike path. According to the current situation, the bike path could be opened by the end of the year “and cyclists can then move quickly on the new surface.” With the opening of the bicycle path, an important point has been completed, but the construction work on Praterstrasse is not over yet.

The subway reception buildings are scheduled to close in 2024, which is expected to begin in January. Places like Nestroyplatz should be redesigned and greened in order to provide a better quality of accommodation. Finally, the walkways on Praterstrasse will be renovated. The work is scheduled to be completed at the end of the summer vacation next year. Then there will probably only be work left, and this also depends on the weather, among other things.

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