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Sovereign – CM Ziehrer was impressed by Leopoldi’s concerts in Zwettl

Sovereign – CM Ziehrer was impressed by Leopoldi’s concerts in Zwettl

Rarely will you hear a wider musical range. This year, the CM Ziehrer Music Society, under the direction of Kapellmeister Herbert Grulich, has drawn up a very diverse program for the two Leopoldi concerts. In addition to classical symphonic works, there was also some jazz, a lot of Spanish sounds and classical pop music at the Zoetler Stadtzaal. They all had one thing in common: despite the varied playing demands, the musicians completed the pieces with flying colors.

The first piece has already been ceremoniously heard: Günter Fiala’s “The Magic Flight”, which won the composition competition organized by the Brass Music Society of Lower Austria in 2021. The famous composer is no stranger to Zwettl, not least because of his school music piece “Cooking Angels” ”, which he composed specifically for HLW. This premiered last school year and was sold out.

Naturally, the music club’s namesake could not be missing. The orchestra played arias from the operetta “Die Landstreicher” by Karl Michael Seehrer. Moderator Martin Fichtinger described the piece as particularly “stinging” and that was no lie. The folk-like work is characterized by a wealth of memorable and lively melodies.

In Vittorio Monti’s “Czardas,” the violin suddenly takes center stage. Catalin Mizo took to the stage as a soloist and amazed the audience with her performance. Afterwards, Deputy Mayor Andrea Wiesmüller also came on stage and thanked the music teacher for her services to the municipality of Zwettl.

The fact that the orchestra also feels comfortable in the regions of Latin America and Spain was admirably evident in Arturo Márquez’s “Danzon No. 2” and Joaquín Rodrigo’s “Daranjuez Concert.” In the end, the focus was once again on the soloist. On the Fluoro Horn: Chet Baker. “Those who know him also say that Thomas Babisch is him,” Martin Fichtinger joked. With the world-famous Spanish tunes, holiday feelings arose instantly in the cold November of Waldviertler.

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There were also two concert tribute pieces by Fritz Neubock, “Magic Moments” and “Dancing with the Devil”, before the diverse concert program concluded with Harold Arlen’s “The Wizard of Oz” and Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”.