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The Premier League is calling on the "Big Six" members to resign from their boards of directors

The Premier League is calling on the “Big Six” members to resign from their boards of directors

The Premier League has asked the chief executives of the six English clubs involved in the Premier League chaos to resign from the Premier League boards of directors.

According to the information received from The athlete Richard Masters, managing director of the Premier League, has made a similar request for the executives of Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool. Tottenham Hotspur, sixth club, is not represented in league bodies.

Obvious violations of the “Big6” rules

The other 14 clubs and the Premier League board of directors, after their Tuesday meeting, saw that the “Big Six” had acted in bad faith by participating in the talks and negotiations behind the emergence of the other clubs.

Accordingly, the clubs have openly violated two rules. On the one hand, against Rule B.16, which states that “In all matters and transactions affecting the league, every club shall act with the greatest possible benevolence towards each other club and the league”.

Contrary to rule L9: “With the exception of the prior written approval of the Board of Directors, a club may not participate in any competition during the season with its first men’s team other than the UEFA Champions League, the UEFA Europa League, the FA Cup, the FA Shield or the Football League Cup. Foot or competitions approved by the regional association to which he belongs.

Whether sacking the CEO should remain the only punishment depends on how much the “Big Six” regrets.