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The Queen's Knights is her personal physician

The Queen’s Knights is her personal physician

Private party

The 95-year-old recently suffered from health problems

Apa / Frank Augustine

The doctor has been treating members of the British royal family for more than 15 years. Now the Queen has awarded him a medal. (archive photo)

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II has long been knighted as Chief Physician. The Palestinian News Agency reported that the Queen honored paramedic, Thomas, in a private ceremony on Tuesday.

He was awarded the Victorian Monarchy Special – an award for services in the royal family.

The Queen stays out of date

The doctor is said to have been providing medical care and support to the Queen and other members of the royal family for more than 15 years, and Prince Philip, who died in April, was one of his patients. Recently, the doctor must have done a lot more than usual: The 95-year-old has walked away from public appointments several times on medical advice, including canceling her long-planned visit to the World Climate Conference in Glasgow. It appears on Memorial Day. This advice is believed to have come from Huw Thomas.

The king first underwent some tests in the hospital in mid-October, then complained of back problems. There are no more public appointments scheduled until the end of the year, but the Queen wants to continue to hold virtual audiences.

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