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The region benefits from Special Olympics

The region benefits from Special Olympics


Burgenland hosted the Special Olympics Summer Games for the first time. 1,800 athletes with intellectual disabilities arrived Thursday. The main event is also an economic factor.

Athletes are accompanied by coaches, supervisors and delegates. In total, there are more than 2,400 people who need accommodation and food in the coming days until June 28. All hotels around event sites such as Oberwart, Pinkafeld, Großpetersdorf, Stegersbach and Parndorf are fully booked. Some delegations have to move to Styria.


Hotels around places are fully booked

Hotel Administrator: We welcome major events especially this year

Hotel owner Hans Martin Simon in Bad Tatzmansdorf hosts 48 delegates. A very welcome deal for him. Simon says it is a good thing this year that this big event is being held in southern Burgenland. Austrians’ desire to travel abroad has shifted even more this year, so this event is of course very welcome.

Herbert Driver, owner of Bad Tatzmannsdorff restaurateur, also described the Special Olympics as an enrichment for the entire region. He was “absolutely convinced” that the place would benefit, as we saw earlier when there was already everyone in charge of organizing and planning. Thank God, the driver said, all the houses are now fully booked.

Tables and chairs in the showroom


Final preparations in the exhibition hall Oberwart

Not only the benefits of tourism

Participants – as well as relatives, assistants and visitors – have lunch in the Oberwart exhibition hall: 1,500 classes are served there every day. Special Olympics also benefit from event technicians, waste disposal companies and transportation companies. As of Friday, medals will be awarded in 15 competitions.

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