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The ring and the wheel

The ring and the wheel

If it weren’t for waking up so incredibly early (by the way, welcome back to school life!), September would have been absolutely wonderful.

Fall, my favorite season, at least shows what it can do at the end of the day, but it leaves the days so long into summer that you can get the leftovers out of your sunscreen tube at the same time, but still have to think about a scarf in the morning.

For people like me, who don’t want to sweat or feel cold while cycling (i.e. arriving at their destination fresh and not freezing), when the 30 degree temperature finally bid farewell, the main cycling season begins. Recently, “expert” cycling trips in each federal state have been featured in one (different) newspaper. In Vienna, surprisingly, the circular cycle path has been recommended.

You can say a lot about a circular bike tour (great experience, try it), but not really enjoy it. Yes, there is probably no less comfortable cycling route in the whole of Vienna, unless you veer off on a tangent: constantly having to interpret colorful floor markings that are not painted anywhere else in Austria, dodging advertising poles, unsuspecting and ignorant Viennese tourists, collisions with bicycles Horrible E-Avoid that inexplicably passes as bikes.

But of course: if you want to complete the obstacle course with live obstacles and check your reaction time, the track is exactly the place for you. Sometimes, you feel like you are in the old computer game “Paperboy”, where you have to deliver newspapers on your bike and avoid all kinds of obstacles. In the first level (sorry: in the first round) you must always have your thumb on the bike bell; Brave people can try the second level without ringing the bell and cursing. If you can do that, you’ll be ready for all the other fun cycling trips around the country. With that in mind: Have a nice trip!

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