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Tia and Salina Say ‘Bye Bye’ – News

Tia and Salina Say ‘Bye Bye’ – News

Four months after they finished 15th in the Eurovision Song Contest, there’s a new song. Your last one?

Friday, September 8, 2023

written 3 hours ago

By Peter Schreiber

“It was like a big dream that you don’t want to wake up from!” Salina says, looking excited. Teya hasn’t fully grasped the Eurovision experience either. The two actually wrote their song “Who The Hell is Edgar” just for fun, so it was a big surprise that they were actually allowed to go to the ESC in Austria – and thus to the biggest music show in the world. The title was one of the fan favorites beforehand and the ESC bubble remains loyal to the energetic singers to this day.
The two did not see or write to each other for the first few weeks after the competition, Tia moving to Berlin and Salina returning to Vienna. The “old life” is back. This is not easy for Salina in particular, no more screaming fans, and a return to “silence”. How things will go on and will things stick together… They don’t know themselves.
Tia writes a song at a songwriting camp in Switzerland. It becomes immediately clear to your manager: This is a Teya & Salena song! The two actually record it together. It’s called “Bye Bye Bye”: Thank you to the fans and a look back at the journey we’ve shared. Maybe it will continue? More about this in the video!