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The Samsung Galaxy S22 camera features come on the S21, S20, Note20, and Z models.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 series It was introduced with several camera improvements in their tool bags. Samsung has now announced that some older Galaxy S, Note, and Z phones will also benefit from the features. This announcement comes from the South Korean Samsung forums where the updates will be rolled out home first. However, not all new features come with all models. Here’s the breakdown.

Enhanced Night Images: Galaxy S20 seriesAnd Galaxy S21 seriesAnd Galaxy Note20 seriesAnd Z fold 2 And Z3 Fold.

The S22 series’ “Night Shoot” processing allows the telephoto camera to be used in portrait mode for night photos.

New/improved auto framing function: Galaxy S21 series, S21 FEAnd Z Flip 4G / 5Gand Z Fold2 and Z Fold3.

With auto framing, the cameras can automatically zoom in and out and pan around to capture up to 10 people standing 5 meters away. The feature was already in the folds, but Samsung has once again improved performance. The functionality was not previously available on S21 models.

Samsung Galaxy S22 car tires

Enhanced video call effects: Galaxy S20 series, S20 FE, Galaxy Note20 series, Galaxy S21 series, S21 FE, Z Flip 4G/5G, Z Flip3and Z Fold2 and Z Fold3.

This feature works with third-party apps and adds different backgrounds and microphone controls for video calls. Google Duo, Google Meet, Knox Meeting, Facebook MessengerMicrosoft Teams The WhatsAppand Zoom, BlueJeans, Webex Meetings, and KakaoTalk. to support Galaxy S10 series. S10 LiteAnd Galaxy Note10 series The Note10 Lite is expected to arrive in the first half of 2022.

Auto framing effects for video calls: Galaxy S21 series, S21 FE, Z Flip 4G/5G, Z Fold2, Z Fold3.

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Additionally, select devices can also enable the auto-framing feature during video calls. This is probably the most practical use case where you can move around freely and not worry about tires.

Samsung Galaxy S22 video calls

Improve camera quality for third-party apps: Samsung Galaxy S21, S21 FE, Z Flip3, and Z Fold3 series.

Galaxy S22 series added support for advanced camera processing capabilities InstagramAnd tik tok Snapchat added. This is now also available for older models.

Galaxy Z Fold3 improvements

Z Fold3 gains support for Expert RAW, which will be available for download from the Galaxy Store starting this month. In addition, the main camera app’s professional mode now also works with the telephoto camera.

The updates are currently being rolled out in Korea, but will soon be available worldwide. Here’s a look at the changelog for the upcoming June Android update.