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The Scottish government justifies the action «

The Scottish government justifies the action «

The secret modification prevented the Queen’s lands from being seized and excavated to build ecological pipelines.

8:11 AM, July 30, 2021


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Britain’s Queen Elizabeth is the only person in Scotland It is exempt from the consequences of the Green Electricity Act. She owes this to her clandestine lobbying work. This is what the British newspaper “The Guardian” reported. The Scottish government does not want to reveal any further details at this time, but it strongly justifies its action.

This would conflict with the “appearance of political neutrality” that the Queen wants to create in public, Quoting the Guardian official in the Scottish government. It is understood officials did not want to issue letters from the Queen’s solicitor, who was supposed to explain why she wanted to change the Scottish Green Electricity Act earlier this year.

Because of desirable regulations, the Queen, as one of the largest landowners in Scotland, is not obligated to use renewable energies. Scottish Minister of Energy at the time Paul Wellhouse An amendment was made to the law after the Queen’s attorney intervened. This prevents itLand excavated and excavated from the Queen to build ecological pipelines could be.

Transparency required

The Scottish government places more importance on protecting their private conversations with the Queen than transparency towards the public, as one official told the Guardian: “There can be no public interest in disclosing information that would harm this relationship and disrupt future communications.” However, there is a strong public interest “in preserving the long-standing constitutional agreement that The correspondence between His Majesty and her government is confidential.”

These discoveries make Scotland Excitement And it sparked disagreement within the Scottish National Party (SNP), which rules for 14 years, over the role that SNP ministers played in this change of law. the SNP MP Angus McNeil He said on Twitter that the Scottish government should be open to the public “if the head of any country (sic) is looking for an advantage over the general public of the country”.

Party associate Wellhouse denies cover-up. Wellhouse said Scottish ministers are legally obligated to give the Queen the opportunity to review and amend bills beforehand. This ‘Queen’s Consent’ regulation applies in Commonwealth countries.

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