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Trump wanted to officially declare the US election "corrupt"

Trump wanted to officially declare the US election “corrupt”

According to a report, former US President Donald Trump is said to have urged the Department of Justice to declare the election he lost as “corrupt” so that he can overturn the outcome with the help of his allies in Congress. The New York Times reported on Friday, citing a text from the Department of Justice, which was provided to a House committee.

The Monitoring Committee published the text shortly thereafter. Trump is said to have said in a phone conversation with then-Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen and his deputy, Richard Donoghue at the end of December, “Just say the election was corrupt and leave the rest to me.” Donoghue, whose conversation notes are concerned, is said to have told Trump that it was not in the department’s power to change the outcome of the election.

Usually, the government does not provide Congress with feedback on the president’s discussions with members of the Cabinet. In this case, the Department of Justice in Democratic President Joe Biden’s government is giving up confidentiality, according to the “New York Times,” because it relates to possible crimes by a former president as a person, rather than protected government actions. The department also allowed Rosen and Donoghue to answer questions from the House Oversight and Justice Committee without special restrictions.

The committees are investigating Republican Trump’s alleged efforts to discredit or even overturn elections through political intrigue against the will of voters. After the November 3 elections, Trump spoke of “large-scale electoral fraud” and also lobbied local election officials, for example in Georgia. However, dozens of courts have dismissed claims against the alleged fraud. The Justice Ministry also said there was no evidence of any major electoral fraud. Trump, in turn, continues to claim that he won the election.

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