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The second part gets a modified version

The second part gets a modified version

After The Last Of Us: Part 1 has already received a PS4 remaster and a rather impressive €80 remaster for PS5, it’s now Part 2’s turn. There’s also a new roguelike mode and new costumes – a release date has also been announced. But it already sounds great, how can it be improved? Below you can see the result.

The remastered version offers, among other things, native 4K resolution, improved loading times, haptic feedback, adaptive triggers for the Dualsense, and a variable frame rate option for TVs with VRR technology. In addition to the technical improvements, new content may be particularly interesting for returnees.

Lots of new modes, but still no multiplayer

The “no return” situation can be fun. In roguelike survival mode, so there is no chance of respawning, you fight as different characters from the series against hordes of enemies. You can gradually unlock new characters and costumes. In “Guitar Free Play” mode, you can play guitar with different characters. In “Missing Levels”, the development team shows you incomplete levels with audio commentary – which you can explore. In “Director’s CommentaryThe regular game will feature audio commentary from director Neil Druckmann, narrative lead Haley Gross, and actors Troy Baker, Ashley Johnson, and Laura Bailey.

Naughty dog It also improves accessibility options with descriptive audio and speech as vibration. Last but not least, there are also new skins for Ellie, Joel and Co. The release date is January 19, 2024. However, it appears that the multiplayer mode has been delayed – the standalone title was actually supposed to be released in 2023. Some employees at Naughty Dog were recently laid off and multiplayer development for “The Last Of Us” at the moment.

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