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The sequel is completely different than expected

The sequel is completely different than expected

A new game will join the popular Metro universe later this year. But nothing in this game is what you expect. You can find out what's changing soon here.

Metro: Awakening

Metro: Awakening

The Metro game series, based on the novels of the same name, is also very popular in the video game format. After largely leaving the Moscow underground in Metro: Exodus, a new game will soon bring you back. The new game is a chronological predecessor to the well-known games. It's called Metro: Awakening and is scheduled to be released later this year for PlayStation VR2 and other virtual reality platforms.

What is Metro: Awakening?

Metro: Awakening, like other games in the famous series, is a story-oriented action game. However, this is a VR game that will immerse you deeper than ever before in the dark tunnels of the Moscow metro. Not much is known about the new game's story, but Metro series creator Dmitry Glukhovsky is himself involved in the development process. He was also involved in the development of other Metro games, which are still very popular today.

Vertigo Games, the development studio behind Metro: Awakening, has already announced that stealth and survival elements will remain at the forefront of the game. It should also be improved thanks to the latest virtual reality technology. The developers also promise that the story of the new Metro game will be completely new and will offer fans what they love so much about the Metro series.

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When will the new game be released?

Metro: Awakening has been officially announced at State of Play 2024. The game is scheduled to be released later this year. The game is planned for PlayStation VR2, Steam virtual reality Meta Quest will be available. According to rumours, the PlayStation VR2 version of the game will have a multiplayer mode. However, this may be missing on other platforms. However, there is currently no more accurate information about the type of game. However, more information about the game is expected to emerge in the coming weeks and months.

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