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The stage in the yard: Just the last thing to say goodbye

The stage in the yard: Just the last thing to say goodbye

Victor Gernot, for example, got the start on January 29th. Without any words, Swiss duo Ohne Rolf will have plenty to say at the premiere of “Lower Austria” on February 3. “Against the ignorance and cruelty of our world,” says Wandell, among others, Dirk Stermann, Thomas Stepsitz, Lukas Risitarets, and Alfred Dorfer.

The stage in the yard is mainly known as the cabaret stage. “More than half of our program is actually musical,” explains the outgoing artistic director. The Tiger Lillies and 5/8erl in Ern and Gazurcchester Vorarlberg as well as Hans Thisink and Ernst Molden are among the guests.

Young and sweet

“But I always saw it as a duty for a house like this to give young people a chance,” says Wandell, explaining how her youthful track “Jung & Sugut” came about. This year, for example, Tiktok newcomer “Toxische Pommes” or Dr. Buhl. “Unfortunately, I couldn’t invite everyone,” Wandell hoped her successor, Alexander Hauer, would continue the tradition.

In a total of 36 programmed evenings, there are also shows for children as well as workshops, theater and much more. In the end, Wandl and Regenfelder want to let him rip again. Birgit Dink will sing with her band to celebrate, and the other guests are still keeping a secret. In any case, the date has been set – June 4, 2022.

The entire programme:

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