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The Starnacht in Lake Neusiedl has pleased many Schlager fans!

“Star Night at Lake Neusiedl” celebrated its premiere at the Lake Mörbisch Theater and was presented by Barbara Schöneberger and Alfons Haider. 5,000 spectators witnessed a massive musical fireworks display at Morbisch with Tania Lash, Petra Fry, Beatrice Egli, Lutricia McNeil, De Meirin, Might Kelly, Sir, Ally Hofnung, Giovanni Zarella, Sasha, Robin, Julian Rimm, The Roberts, Thorsten I and Andrew Gaballier.

Andreas Gaballier: “Strictly kiddy dirndl”

It was a fireworks hit by music lovers in “Night star in Lake NeusiedlIt was shown. On the live show, Andreas Gaballier was invited as a guest star, as Volks Rock & Roller had songs from his soon-to-be-released album ‘Ein Neuer Beginn’ with him. Andreas Gaballier celebrated ‘your precision iron’s dirndl’ The first TV show in Mörbisch and created a wonderful atmosphere on the lake platform. An address that encourages you to celebrate and thus should not be missed for any future Oktoberfest or party. With ‘Hulapalu’ Andreas Gaballier has already had a huge celebration, with ‘Iron your dirndl gscheit auf’ Volks Rock n’ Roller is now upping the ante once again.

These pulsating stars have created a wonderful atmosphere in Mörbisch!

Giovanni Zarella Provide a quintessentially Italian feel in Mörbisch with “Solo Musica” and “Un Angelo”. The whole “I don’t care” thing was Beatrice Egli, which once again inspired the audience in Star Night. She was the ‘Queen of the Night’ without a doubt Petra Fry, who had to interrupt her performance during the live show due to a storm warning, but after a short break, all viewers on the stage of Lake Mörbisch were able to celebrate live again. The burnt On the other hand, with “Ring im See” they delivered a hit song from their album of the same name, which has just been released. “What if” about me Mighty Kelly While all the attention With “Mary” also in Burgenland, they were encouraged to sing together. “Love, love, love” was directed from Tania Lash He said “I love you”. Julian Rehm.

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Alphonse Haider said goodbye to Star Knight!

Music advice and top recommendations

Loser 1000 percent
Marcus Hoffmann longing for a melody
Strasser harmonica

In short, the premiere of the Starnacht am Neusiedler See in Seebühne Mörbisch was a complete success, even if the weather didn’t quite cooperate with the live show. The “Starnacht am Neusiedler See” has already been scheduled for next year, so Mörbisch will be a hot spot for Schlager fans on 2 and 3 June 2023. Alphonse Haider He will no longer be on stage as a Starnacht presenter, because Starnacht am Wörthersee will already be Hans Sigel with Barbara Schoenberger Present. After 15 successful years at Starnacht, Alphonse Haider said goodbye to his large community of fans at Morbisch.

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