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Elīna Garanča attracts first-class guests to ‘Classic under the Stars’

Elīna Garanča attracts first-class guests to ‘Classic under the Stars’

It was not a balmy summer evening on Wednesday evening, but there was still a desire to perform a ‘classic under the stars’ under the open sky at Göttweig Abbey. They helped themselves with rain ponchos for the audience.

Mezzo-soprano Latvian Elena Garanka They celebrated their fifteenth anniversary with their concert. “15 years of Göttweig – this is unbelievable! The energy that comes towards me when I stand on this open-air stage makes us artists simply happy. Göttweig is my place of strength, my second home. Only when we see the audience and feel, our souls and voices are also free.”

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Raiffeisen is a public defender Erwin Hamsader He also had a special gift ready for the anniversary: ​​a custom-designed bench with a permanent place in the garden of Göttweig Abbey—a sort of “Raifeisen seat” of his own. “Sitting would have a good place in Göttweig and should serve Elīna Garanča as a place of strength and a place of survival,” says Hameseder.

In attendance: Governor of Lower Austria Joanna Michael LeitnerMusical star Ana Milva GomezKURIER GENERAL MANAGER Thomas KrallingerCourier deputy editor Richard GrassellSo is the abbot of Melek, George Wellinger.

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