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(C) Burghart: Professor Hademar Bankhofer spricht über sein neues Buch.

The stars of the Lebenslust exhibition – Wiener Bezirksblatt

(c) Burgart: Professor Hader Bancouver talks about his new book.

A special class star group – this is how you can do it enjoy life Also appointed! Celebrities who appear there and are interviewed by moderator Dorian Steidl in turn roam especially on the catwalk. And who knows? Perhaps you will stand a great chance of getting a coveted autograph! Who can you meet here? For example, former Mayor Michael Hubble, who will answer questions on Wednesdays from 1:45 p.m.

“Sparkling wine!”

The ex-politician is a guarantee of harsh and cheerful sayings. What is your favorite quote? “Bring the sparkling wine!” Or: “Tomorrow’s politicians tend to be dry administrative types. We artists are dying slowly!”? So this interview definitely won’t be dry! Rather very happy. “Die Junge Zillertaler,” who would appear right after that, would also ensure that. Fun fireworks and information await visitors on the catwalk.

Vienna smack

Peter Raab can be admired here on Thursday. A true icon of the 50 plus generation! What sayings launched the legend of the ORF? For example: “On American television, the most successful mediums are over 60. From this point of view, I still have my career ahead.” At that time he was a few years younger, but his famous Vienna charm is still fresh.

Senior gymnastics

Another one on the catwalk guarantees the freshness of young people: already on Wednesday, that is, on the opening day, the national gymnast Philippe Jelinek, together with the Austrian Pensioners Association, will present his own series of movements for the elderly. “You can keep fit in old age,” says one who should know exactly: “Fit mit Philipp” has finally become one of the episodes of the morning ORF series. Now you can try it live and get to know him! Hademar Bankhofer is less spirited, but touching: the professor will speak on Thursday morning about his new book “Tierisch Gesund”. You should definitely not miss this one: the stars are the salt in the zest for life’s soup.

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