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Illness - squad leader Barenboim is retiring at present

Illness – squad leader Barenboim is retiring at present

Staatsoper Unter den Linden’s general manager of music, Daniel Barenboim, will not act for long due to health reasons. Barenboim has announced that he will be withdrawing from some of his shows, notably shows, in the coming months for health reasons, Staatsoper confirmed in a statement on Wednesday.

Two performances with the Vienna Philharmonic are scheduled for December 19 and 21 at the Wiener Musikverein. It is not yet clear whether these things will fail either.

Barenboim announced his withdrawal via social media accounts. “My health has deteriorated over the past few months and I have been diagnosed with a serious neurological disease,” the 79-year-old wrote. She should now focus as much as possible on her physical safety. He will “retire from some of my performances, especially from driving.” Barenboim has failed several times in recent times. The 79-year-old underwent spinal surgery in February. On the recommendation of his doctors, he should take a break. Recently, his vasculitis disease forced him to enter the hospital and take a break. (Abba)

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