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The Superbowl broke all television records in the US on Sunday

The Superbowl broke all television records in the US on Sunday

Never before has so many people watched a TV show as the Football League Finals between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers.

The Superbowl between Kansas City Chiefs And this San Francisco 49ers (25:22 nV) is the most-watched television show in American history. According to the NFL, live broadcasts achieved average results on TV and streaming 123.4 million people. That's up seven percent from last year's final between the Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles, which was watched by 115.1 million people.

Just a transmitter CBS, broadcast the game on traditional television, averaging 120 million viewers. Additionally, the encounter was held in the United States Nickelodeon and one that speaks Spanish Univision Channel kidnapped. According to Nielsen, the service provider, the extension was done 202.4 million people monitored.

This year's Superbowl attracted particular attention only because of the game situation. Especially the relationship between the Chiefs players Travis Kelce And pop star DTaylor Swift It was the headlines weeks ago.

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