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The turning point in the Lindemann scandal – the investigations against Shelby Lane

The turning point in the Lindemann scandal – the investigations against Shelby Lane

Shelby Lane had to endure intense criticism for weeks.Photo: Instagram/shelby69666


September 14, 2023 at 4:48 pmSeptember 14, 2023 at 4:53 pm

Vera Sibnich
Imke Gerets

Shelby Lynne kicked off the scandal surrounding Rammstein singer Till Lindemann with a video this summer. Serious allegations were made. The Berlin prosecutor’s office conducted an investigation and the case against Lindemann has now been dropped.

At that time, Shelby reported on her visit to a Rammstein concert in Vilnius. She testified before police about five hours later and filed a criminal complaint. Now it has been surprisingly announced that the Vilnius Public Prosecutor’s Office is investigating Shelby itself.

Prosecutors are investigating Shelby Lane in the Rammstein case

the “picture” Now reported that there is a turning point in the Rammstein scandal. According to this, the newspaper learned exclusively at the request of the prosecutor that the investigation had already begun against Shelby a few weeks ago. According to the newspaper, there is suspicion of defamation and it is being investigated whether the 24-year-old made a false statement.

A spokesman for the Vilnius Prosecutor’s Office told Bild newspaper: “The investigation began in July 2023 after receiving a statement from Rammstein’s lawyers. In order not to obstruct the ongoing investigation, more detailed information will not be revealed.” ” However, no charges have been filed yet.

Shelby Lynne defends herself against the accusations

Meanwhile, Shelby Lane primarily uses her platform to help people who have experienced abuse organize themselves. But Shelby still regularly faces hate messages. She recently posted a video in which she was violently threatened. Shelby reacted in her own way: she showed a good mood and danced to the cheerful music.

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The accusation continued to accuse Shelby of not wanting to be left alone anymore. She is now commenting on this in several videos and refuting a rumor that has been circulating about her for a long time. I found clear words for the fact that she supposedly went out in public just to make money.

“This is the last time I say anything about this bullshit,” Shelby declared on her Instagram Story. This accusation is repeated against her in the numerous hate messages she receives every day.

“Who do you work for? How much money do you get?” Shelby says, citing the allegations made against her in her video. “First: I work for me and for me only,” she explained at the beginning of her statement.

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She absolutely cannot understand the accusation that she is only interested in money. “Don’t you think if I had the money I would have braced my teeth instead of sticking them in my mouth with fucking glue?”she asks angrily.

Shelby explains that she would move out of her current home immediately if she could, but that’s not possible for her right now. Because she’s broke. She tells people who accuse her of only being out for the money:

She then reiterated that she never wants to stop “advocating for girls who are not yet ready to come forward.”

Shelby Lane with illustration

After she finishes her angry speech, Shelby wants to go into more detail about whether she’s been paid for what she’s done the past few months. She explains:

“I would never take money to tell my story and my experience.”

For her, there are better things in life than money, Shelby says. “I said this months ago and I still say it. Money and possessions are not everything in life.” A clear statement to everyone who has been accusing you of the exact opposite for weeks.