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The United States has confirmed China’s hypersonic missile test

The Pentagon has confirmed a hypersonic missile test conducted by China last August. Mark Millie, commander of the U.S. Armed Forces, told Bloomberg Television yesterday (local time) that this was “the most important event in the testing of a hypersonic weapons system.” The test is “very worrying”.

Millie compared it to the 1957 “Sputnik shock” – the first Soviet Sputnik satellite to fly through Earth’s orbit, which was a complete surprise to the West. This is the first time such an aircraft of the Satellite Earth satellite has been successful. The result was an accelerated rivalry between the United States and the Soviet Union over space and weapons.

“America’s Full Focus”

Although he does not know if the test of the Chinese hypersonic missile is entirely equivalent to the “Sputnik moment”, the test is coming “very close” to it. This is the “most important technological event” followed by the United States “with full attention”.

The U.S. government and military have not yet confirmed the test of a “long march” Chinese hypersonic missile. Robert Wood, the U.S. Permanent Representative to the Disarmament Problems in Geneva, said early last week that he was “very concerned” about Beijing’s technological advances in the field of hypersonic missiles.

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