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The United States has warned of a Chinese military base in the Solomon Islands

The United States has warned of a Chinese military base in the Solomon Islands

SWashington: The US administration is sharpening its tone in response to China’s aspirations to expand its sphere of influence in the Pacific. The diplomat in charge of the region, Daniel Greidenbrink, said on Tuesday that Washington would “act accordingly” if it built a military base in the Beijing archipelago after completing a voyage to the Solomon Islands. The head of the Foreign Office did not elaborate on the fact that he was the Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison Beijing called such a move a “red line.” He did not want to speculate as to whether Washington would take military action in the case. Kritenbrink said the US delegation, which visited the Solomon Islands last week, had spoken to Prime Minister Manasseh Chowdhury about “outlining the potential regional impacts” of the Solomon Islands defense agreement with China, while reiterating Washington’s respect for the sovereignty of the archipelago.

Beijing has announced that the controversial security deal has now been signed, ahead of the arrival of US representatives led by Kurt Campbell, the Indo-Pacific coordinator of the National Security Council, and Gretchenbring. First, Campbell and Greidenbrink wanted to prevent the tragic signing of the agreement. After an hour-and-a-half talk with the prime minister in the capital, Hon’ble, on Friday, the National Security Council in Washington announced that delegates had warned the Solomon government against allowing Chinese troops into the country. Permanently. If action is taken, the United States will have “significant concerns.” The message is that they will respond accordingly. The prime minister promised that China would not have “a military base, a long-term presence.” Part of the security agreement is to maintain “social order”, protect property, provide humanitarian assistance and respond to natural disasters. Serious riots erupted in November after the archipelago relinquished Taiwan’s diplomatic recognition and established relations with Beijing, which were also directed against Chinese merchants. Washington has said it will “speed up” the reopening of the US embassy in the Solomon Islands.

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