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"The Voice" star Mark Forster: hobbies?  Nico Santos: "Maybe the money is important"

“The Voice” star Mark Forster: hobbies? Nico Santos: “Maybe the money is important”

At the beginning of October, the eleventh season of “Germany’s voice. At the moment they are inclined blind tests With famous vocalists to its end and coaches fighting for the last singing talent of their teams.

His hat is the trademark of Mark Forster. But with a hat, it looks completely different or will you recognize it in the video above?

“The Voice” coach Mark Forster talks candidly about his private life

Since 2017 Mark Forster (38) as a juror. This year he has the support of his colleagues Nico Santos (28), Sarah Connor (41) and Johannes Ording (39) Whoever competes with him for the candidates.

Mark Forster is known to be a passionate musician. But what are his hobbies and what is his color blindness? In an interview with Pro7 magazine “Red!” The singer and producer has been more open than ever and answered some of the most Googled fan questions.

Mark Forster has a new hobby: boating fun

But before the musician could answer himself, his fellow jurors were asked if they had an idea. It started with the question of the singer’s hobby. Nico Santos immediately knew the answer to this question: “If he studied business management, would he count money?” Laughing, he said. Johannes Ording took the question more seriously and thought: “He is a nature-loving man, I know that.” So it was believed that Mark loves hunting. After all, he also loves to go hiking.

But you thought wrong! Mark Forster, who made his favorite hobby, music, and profession, he explains, is interested in something else: for now, his new boat driver’s license. Because he can now sail through the waters with her.

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Mark Forster suffers from red-green weakness

When Johannes Ording was asked what his favorite color was, he remembered that Mark Forster had a red-green weakness. This visual impairment recently surfaced on the show when he mistook Johannes Ording’s blue jacket for a yellow jacket. Mark Forster later clarified that this visual impairment had been known since he was examined. This is why he likes colors that he can easily identify, such as black or white.

Everyone should smile at the fact that fans apparently wanted to know what Mark was doing through the profession. Sarah Connor suspects with a wink: “A singer-songwriter?” In fact, Mark started studying law after graduating from high school, but dropped out again after a few semesters. Then he moved on to Business Administration (BWL) and graduated here, says the singer.