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USA: Discovery of the fugitive flamingo – 17 years later!


April 02, 2022 – 19:58 Clock

One escaped in 2005 Flamingo From the Sedwick County Zoo in Kansas, USA. Now, 17 years later, a visitor finds him on a Texas beach. It is about 1,000 kilometers from the zoo. The pink bird seems to be at home there.

The bird is named “No. 492”

The bird has a number in its name: number 492 – it is written on a small mark worn on its foot. The animal, along with 39 other flamingos, arrived at the zoo in Kansas in 2003 from Tanzania. Two years after its arrival, No. 492 escaped because its wings were not cut off at that time. He thought it was impossible to survive in the wild. Because another flamingo with the number 347 escaped with him and has not been seen since.

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In the video: Fleeing flamingo spotted in Texas

Flamingo looks comfortable in the new environment

No. 492 makes a journey south of the country in spite of all contradictions. In recent years he has been seen in and out of the Gulf of Texas. Just like now. A beach visitor captures a pink bird and shares a cellphone video with a Texas Environmental Protection Agency coastal and fisheries inspector. The small mark with its number can not be found on it, but experts are sure: it should be the number 492, because it is the only flamingo seen here in recent spring. By the way, they gave him the nickname “Pink Floyd”.

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Experts estimate that Pink Floyd is 27 years old. In the wild, flamingos live to be about 30 years old. The pink bird feels right on the coast of Texas, in salty soils and swamps with high temperatures all year round. In addition, he is in good company among all seagulls and other seabirds. (sli)