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The week the US gets its third surveillance license –

The week the US gets its third surveillance license –

Dear Readers,

Especially in the summer, a housefly occasionally gets lost in my kitchen and tries to get out again. The fly is constantly buzzing against the window pane, which you can see but can’t see. What the fly lacks in creativity it makes up for in dullness.

As three articles on illustrate this week, E’s strategy can also be recognized in politics.

SPD state politician Philippe da Cunha was asked a question ten times, which he did not want to answer in front of the camera. He reacted ten times with the same quark.

The European Commission could have actively protected its citizens’ data from access by US authorities three times. Three times it turned out to be an empty test for mass surveillance.

Sixteen federal ministries are required to disclose who actually holds the position of Chief Data Officer or Chief Data Scientist. The five keep this information under wraps as if it were some sort of state secret.

This weekly review should not be about frustration and disappointment. On the contrary. Insights into top data officers of eleven central ministries are now available. The “Transatlantic Data Protection Framework” will probably end up in court. And instead of hiding from the affair, Philip da Cunha now has nationwide attention.

Transparency means resistance, and that’s what we do at Eve’s choice may be difficult, but so is the windowpane. However, the comparison reaches its limits here, so I don’t want to push it too far. For the sake of all the creatures involved, I open my window if I see a fly. Sometimes she turns a curve out and comes back in again.

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Have a nice weekend

Our columnist says that the slowness of the administration and healthcare system in Germany sometimes has an advantage. For example, they are sometimes put to sleep by the exaggerations that every fool jumps into. Perhaps, if not, the consequences will be disastrous.

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With more and more rights, the Federal Cartel Office is cracking down on big tech companies. In its annual report, the commission summarizes its progress against Google, Meta, Apple, Amazon and Microsoft. Andreas Mund, head of the authorities, wants to have more employees.

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