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Theater – “Iphigenie” at Oberwart Open House

Theater – “Iphigenie” at Oberwart Open House

Jazz tuba player Jan Sass along with director Angelica Messner and actors Lisa Schrammel, András Gayda, Michaela Kaspar, Georg Schubert and Emanuel Filmer wowed the audience at OHO.

Lexi, Daniel Kalt

IThe theater group dasTAG from Vienna performed at the Oberwart Open House last Friday.

The play “Iphigenia” was performed by Angelika Messner, which, in its new version, examines the assignment of the role that requires moral effort to Iphigenia. Many visitors did not miss this spectacle. Actors Jens Claassen, Emanuel Filmer, Andreas Geda, Michaela Caspar, John Sass, Lisa Schrammel and Georg Schubert impressed the entire audience. As a musical continuation, the spoken texts were accompanied by extensive spoken texts, which were accompanied live by the famous jazz tuba player John Sasse.

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