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Theatre - Wr.  Neustadt: Sausage Festival

Theatre – Wr. Neustadt: Sausage Festival

Birgit Clauser and Elena Schwartz gave a very special festival at one of their favorite locations in the city: the “Sausage Festival” will take place on a specially constructed stage at the Rinalda Sausage Stand on Nepomuk Platz from June 8-17. During the show, the city’s cultural advisor Franz Beerbauer (ÖVP) emphasized the special feature of the place: it was “right in front of a well-established cultural institution”, the St. Peter’s Museum and at the same time “where life happens” – in a sausage stand.

In the eight days of the game, you can visit three different performances outside the theater. For this, “glashaus” had the support of the physical theater company “Lemour” from WIener Neustadt and Lösshof-Kulturinitiative am Wagram. Glashaus designed the opening evening with Yasmina Reda’s famous theatrical song “God of Carnage”. The following performance dates: June 9, 10, 15 and 16.

On June 13-17, Austria’s unique physical theater company Lemur will present “Self Love and Other Accidents” – a ridiculous collection of daily wordless poetry. Physical theater consists of elements of dance, modern clown and slapstick merging into its own genre (

“Lösshof – Kulturinitiative am Wagram” from Weinviertel will be shown on the festival stage for a unique experience on June 14. Team Lösshof and author and director Clara Rebel take on “Unknown Story”. With this stage format, no one knows what is being played. Neither the audience nor the actors. Nobody — except for writer Clara Rubble, who wrote an exclusive play for the evening.

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