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“Flirting with danger” – his most daring picture »Ledersent

“Flirting with danger” – his most daring picture »Ledersent

| Gerhard Crispel

| 07/19/2023

Forbidden and dangerous, they attract Dripin. In his new photobook, the celebrated photographer presents his signature style in a large format: light melancholy with a dash of eroticism, staged in a visually stunning way.

David Drebin quickly made a name for himself as a photographer after graduating from Parsons School of Design in New York. He’s worked with stars like Charlize Theron and John Legend, directed ad campaigns and is an in-demand photographer for magazines like Rolling Stone and Vanity Fair. We’ve already reported on Drebin’s latest book, Collector’s Edition. In it he displays 50 of his most famous and popular photographs, most of which have already been sold all over the world.

on the road to danger

“Flirting with Danger” is now dedicated to the groovy appeal of the forbidden and the dangerous. In his latest book of portraits, Drebin offers intense shots and extravagant approaches to the erotic aspects of life. As in all of his pictures, Drebin wants to tell stories here, too. His images are intended as doors to a mysterious intellectual journey, allowing the viewer to forget the world around him for a moment.

There are impressions here.

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