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Theatrical advice – Kunstwerkstadt Tulln presents the play “Boys Will Be Boys”

Theatrical advice – Kunstwerkstadt Tulln presents the play “Boys Will Be Boys”

In a staging developed by the three actors under the direction of Julia Vandehoff – based on the legend of the Fisher King of Parzival – Marcus Roehringer, Thomas Shevchik and Leroy Werner ask how they want to live “as a man” in reality.

Three friends meet again after a long time to experience their greatest adventures together: KingQuest – A unique escape room experience based on the video game series that brought our heroes together as kids. But this time it’s not the magic, battles, and treasures that the friends encounter on their quest. As the three have to solve tasks on their hypothetical quest, fantasy and biography begin to mix more and more.

Roles in life, friendship, images of men, and seemingly impossible tasks in life are discussed. There was a standing ovation at the premiere on Wednesday. “The intense work of the past two weeks has paid off,” the director also expressed his great satisfaction with the performance of the amateur actors.

Actors Markus Rohringer, Tomas Shevczek and Leroy Werner with director Julia Vandenhoff.

Christa Wallach

The multimedia theater piece can be seen on Friday, June 30th at 8pm and again later on September 15th at the Art Workshop.

The project is supported by the Cultural Department of the State of Lower Austria, the Federal Ministry of Art, Culture, Public Service and Sport, the City of Tulln and the Tulln Art Workshop.

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