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Miss Kattus Relaunch and Introduce a New World of Products » Leadersnet

Miss Kattus Relaunch and Introduce a New World of Products » Leadersnet

| Editorial Board

| 06/29/2023

On the occasion of the company’s founder’s 200th birthday, Vienna’s oldest family-run sparkling wine manufacturer is revising its product range and brand positioning.

With Johannes Kattus and Maximilian Niemervoll, the fifth generation took over the company last year and, under the title “Kattus Next Generation”, began a one-year strategic process with branding expert Lutz Kucher to reorganize the family business. The aim of this operation was to project the company’s core values ​​even further and to align the situation more clearly with the strengths of the sparkling winery, namely craftsmanship and expertise. The term “UpGrape” has now become the main theme of the company, all activities are subject to it: the process of refining a high-quality base product into a better finished product is carried out through all areas of the company. “Kattus will be the leading quality innovator in the premium sector, who wants to get people excited about the sparkling wine refining process again,” explains Johannes Kattus. “Sustainable manufacturing is the new standard that Kattus stands for with conviction.”

Product world update

In the context of the desired premium placement, the world of the product was reviewed: from sustainable labels made from grape pomace to color-coordinated clasps for each grape variety. Kattus wants to use the new core values ​​to represent the outstanding product in each category.

“UpGrape” is Kattus’ mission statement and is built on a passion for making unique sparkling wine and frizzante from exquisite grapes. The company’s design was completely revised in a process that lasted more than a year, for example, the letter “K” moved to the center of the label’s design. © Catos

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Maximilian Nimmervoll sums up the brand’s promise: “Kattus is the extraordinary sparkling wine from the hand of the family, which is passionately refined in an intricate manual process.” “Passion for the product can be tested with every look and sip. UpGrape will be the new ‘reason’ for the Viennese sparkling winery, with which we will also position Kattus globally.”

The dignitaries raised their glasses

Sip by sip, the following have convinced themselves of the privileged location of the new Viennese sparkling winery’s production line: Maria Polsterer-Kattus, Ernst Polsterer, Sophie Kattus, Valerie Kattus-Nimmervoll, Fanny Marie Salomon from Fine Ladies of Wine, Getrud Salomon, Salomon Wines and Eva -Maria and Christian Höfer from Colony Club Gutenhof, Christine Catasta and Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft and Martin Krieger from Gebrüder Weiss, Elisabeth Brandlmaier from FalstaffActress Barbara and Sue, Spirits expert Roland Graf, Paul Kiefer, Meyer am Pfarplatz, Winemaker Hannes Sabathy, Franz Del Fabro, Paul Reitenauer from Freiluft Palace, Martin Distel from GroupM, Stefan Knobloch from Sotheby’s, Georg Lennerth, Blinker Digital, Hubert Nagele From Identum and investor Rudi Semrad, Philip Newald von Tipp3, Alexandra Graski-Hoffmann, MAC Hoffmann, Martina and Karl Hohenlohe von Gault Millau, Renatefutterknecht, Musikverein, Thomas Figlmüller, Gerald Steger, Grow + co, Architect Alexander Loebell, Michael Holzer-Söllner from Sofies Bar, Rob Morton, Summerstage, Vera Kremslehner-Braunegg from Kremslehner Hotels, Philipp Temel from Hotel Osslehner, owner of the Schellman restaurateur Stephanie and Leopold Huber from Das Schreiberhaus, Markus Rönnig from Ottringer, media expert Harald Grabmeier, Christoph Ladstätter from the Vienna Volksoper, Nikolai Raymond from The Naked Kitchen, Peter Dubczak from the Vienna Chamber of Commerce, Reinhold Lindmoeser, Espresso Mobil or Stephanie. From the firefighters – Wagner.

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ledersent Was present at the re-launch celebration, you can see the impressions here and here.