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There is no accidental encounter |  kurier. at

There is no accidental encounter | kurier. at

Many people, young and old, come to us, go home happy, or stay there to talk to us. They want to know from the performers who writes the scores, who makes the puppets, and who is responsible for everything else.

Every so often someone would come and bring in an injured character to fix it. Just like that day, a mother came and brought a really pathetic looking doll. I asked if it was worth fixing. Apart from the fact that it was possible, of course, she was very happy to have learned so much about our theatre, because she wanted to know everything and she also told us so much about herself.

It was a wonderful and harmonious meeting, the chemistry was almost right, and when we said goodbye, the lady said, “You don’t just meet people.” “This is correct!” I heard our grandmother say, “Nothing happened.” In the world at random”. But it was purely by chance that this encounter happened, wasn’t it? But the grandmother said: “Each encounter has a special meaning, and even if it seems insignificant at first, it is not accidental. On our journey through life we ​​meet many different beings with their varied stories. Some accompany us for life, others remain far away like little stars shining in the sky. But Whether large or small, human, doll or animal, all of these encounters are important parts of a predetermined path that shapes us as we are.

Christa Koenig is the artistic director of the Linz Puppet Theatre