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Three decades of Bullet Baron

Three decades of Bullet Baron

Bilstein. It was Salvador Dali, Otto Dix, HR Geiger and other surrealists who inspired Christian Omüller aka “Kogelbaron” in his artwork and continue to do so. On the occasion of his 30th anniversary, he invites you to his studio in Bielstein.

“Today I can look at different stages in art, many different encounters with people, as well as the ups and downs of my creative years, which are often reflected in my works,” sums up Christian Omuller after 30 years as an artist.

After initial practice in drawing and graphics, he fell in love with drawing and the need to express himself through art grew. So in 1993 his first free application appeared Inspirational oil painting. This work was immediately followed by many other paintings. Over the years, “special handwriting” has evolved and also become an appreciated value.

From the Baltic Sea to the Louvre

“I owe my never-tiring stimulus to the almost constant desire to paint more pictures from the depths of my soul, which still comes from this inexhaustible source, as well as the great appreciation and recognition of the people I have been able to get to know along my creative path.” Omuller says. In many exhibitions in Austria, but also in the region from the Baltic to the North Sea, from Budapest to Mannheim, in Switzerland, even in Paris Louvre, Baron Ball introduced himself to his audience.

On the second Saturday of September, the artist would like to invite art lovers on a journey of discovery in his studio in Bilstein (Stifterstraße 5). This leads to different creative periods in which Omuller’s “worlds of color” can be seen and the further development of his painting style.

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Saturday, September 2, 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., Stifterstrasse 5, Peilstein