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Prince Harry: He was afraid Meghan would abandon him

Prince Harry: He was afraid Meghan would abandon him

At the beginning of the relationship, Prince Harry was very afraid that Meghan would leave him right away. This made him take a rare step.

two long years Prince Harry (37) and Duchess Meghan (40, born Meghan Markle) Already in the United States, they have irrevocably turned their backs on the British crown. Many wonder why everyone’s favorite grandson Queen Elizabeth II (95) He takes such drastic steps that are also harmful to his family. The reasons for this may be very simple: Harry is afraid of losing Meghan. This prompted him to take an unusual step in the beginning of the relationship.

Since moving to the US, Harry and Meghan are living a whole new life: Watch the video above to learn about their major Hollywood debut.

At the beginning of his relationship with Megan Markle: an unusual statement from Prince Harry

Statements about personal relationships were an absolute taboo for Prince Harry. Especially after his relationship with Chelsea Davy (36) – The two had long been considered a dream couple – they finally broke up in 2010. Harry and Chelsea’s love has always been problematic, especially as constant scrutiny from the public puts a strain on the happiness of the youngsters. In addition to Watching them extra – There was almost no privacy. Prince Harry wanted to avoid it when he officially introduced the new woman to his side in November 2016. Not only did he make a statement, he immediately condemned the then-Suits actress’ coverage.

Prince Harry wanted to put an end to the harassment Meghan had to put up with from the start by making her public. He did so for fear of losing her – as if he had lost his ex-wife. At the time, Harry urged the media to respect Meghan’s privacy. And as emphasized in a report, this fear of losing prompted him to take the rare step.

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Prince Harry struggled for not being able to protect Meghan

Jason Knauf (37), the former head of PR for Prince Harry, who was also last year Appeal procedures for posting the message A major role was played by Duchess Meghan, and is said to have written the extraordinary manifesto at the time. She said: “Prince Harry is concerned about Ms. Markle’s safety and deeply disappointed that he has not been able to protect her. It is unacceptable that Ms. Markle is facing such a storm after only a few months of their relationship was exposed.”

Harry and Meghan expert: They only have each other

Since then, Prince Harry has supported his wife wherever he is: after the wedding in 2018, when he left the royal family in 2020, to His public appearance and excitement Interview With Oprah Winfrey (68) with his family deep scars He left. An expert also sees this behavior against the background that They will only have each other.

Prince Harry does not want to lose his wife and the mother of his children

The truth is that Prince Harry has changed a lot with Duchess Meghan. Not only are his actions inexplicable at times – his entire nature seems to have changed. It doesn’t matter if it Hairstyle or gesturesPrince Harry seems to be doing everything he can to support his wife and mother of his two children. archery (2 and Lilibet Diana (Nine months) Don’t lose.

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