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Thielemann in Berlin Antti Portas

Thielemann in Berlin Antti Portas

Today, Wednesday, the chief cultural politician in Berlin will hold a press conference. The Berliner Zeitung newspaper speculates that he will choose Christian Telemann to succeed Daniel Barenboim in the traditional “Linden Opera”.

As announced here months ago, Christian Thielemann is likely to succeed Daniel Barenboim as General Director of Music at the Berlin State Opera “Unter den Linden”. The Berliner Zeitung newspaper speculated today that Berlin Culture Senator Joe Chialo’s press conference scheduled for 12 noon will be about this castling.

This will be a homecoming for Thielemann: He was born in Berlin in 1959 and was long-time executive director of the Deutsches Opera in the western part of the city at the turn of the millennium. Many observers also gave him a shot at the position of principal conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, which Kirill Petrenko eventually took over by a musical decision. If Thielemann moves to Unter den Linden, the German city will have the most sought-after conductors in town.

The Staatskapelle Berlin musicians, eager to work with the conductor, recently campaigned for Thielemann’s appointment. When Daniel Barenboim had to withdraw from conducting Wagner’s “Ring of the Nibelung” last season due to illness, Telemann stepped in and celebrated his stunning success. The audience gave him a standing ovation. As reported by Al-Sahafa. (sin)

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