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This is the speed at which black holes race through space

This is the speed at which black holes race through space

from Valentine Sattler
When two black holes collide, they can bounce off each other at high speeds. According to the new simulations, this speed should be about a tenth of the speed of light. This value now makes it possible to check baseline models using measured values.

Black holes, which swallow the surrounding light, due to their highly concentrated mass, can interact with each other. When two of these objects meet, they can merge or fly around each other until they drift off in separate directions. It is said that there is extreme speed in this process.

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basis for this assumption is paper Written by Professor Carlos Lusto and co-researcher James Healy, both of Rochester Institute of Technology in mathematics and statistics. Together, they ran a total of 1,381 numerical simulations on a supercomputer, thus calculating the maximum speed with which the two holes could repel each other when they interacted.

Simulations indicate that the maximum thrust speed is in the range of 28.562 kilometers per second, thus just under a tenth of the speed of light. According to Imre Bartos, a professor of physics at the University of Florida, this in turn provides control options for existing models. According to this, black hole interactions can now be examined to check whether extreme values ​​have been observed.

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If not, this would indicate an insufficient understanding of current physics and would require appropriate corrections. On the other hand, the same is simply true for all calculated values ​​and their associated measurements. So, until the measurements indicate a different behavior, the theoretical top speed of black holes is just an interesting detail.

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source: live science via Business interested