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This is why the director of "Matrix 4" revived New and Trinity

This is why the director of “Matrix 4” revived New and Trinity

In an interview, “Matrix 4” director Lana Wachowski explains why she decided to bring Neo and Trinity back. The reasons for this are incredibly emotional.

The first trailer forThe Matrix: Resurrections“It appeared, which finally gives us an insight into the long-awaited sequel. Although Neo (Keanu Reeves) and Trinity (Carrie-Ann Moss) are in”The Matrix: RevolutionsMatt actually, both characters are already back. How exactly this was possible is a big mystery to some fans, but it seems like anything is possible in The Matrix.

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In a discussion at the International Literature Festival in Berlin (via splash screen) has a way out Lana Wachowski Now reveals how the decision to revive Neo and Trinity for “Matrix 4” came about. However, the director does not go into the content, but offers an emotional explanation:

My father died, then this friend died, and then my mother died. I didn’t really know how to deal with that kind of grief. I’ve never seen anything like this up close… You know your life will end at some point and yet it was still very difficult […] One night I cried and could not sleep, and my head was spreading this whole story. And my mom and dad can’t be with me anymore, but suddenly I have Neo and Trinity, who are arguably the two most important personalities in my life. It was instantly comforting to breathe new life into these two characters […]”

What you need to know about “The Matrix: Resurrection” can be seen in our Video:

“Matrix: Resurrections” may be the most emotional part of the series

For Lana Wachowski, reviving Neo and Trinity was clearly a useful way to address her feelings as well. With “Matrix: Resurrections” we can expect the most emotional part of the series. Lily Wachowski, who previously developed the three parts with her sister, did not participate in the franchise this time around. In any case, fans can look forward to the new Matrix movie, which will surely have a few surprises and jitters up its sleeve. In the December 23, 2021 It’s time that “Matrix: Resurrections” starts in German cinemas.

It’s hard to believe, but “The Matrix” was released in 1999. You can test how much you know about other films of the year here:

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