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This was FM4’s surprise concert with SALÒ

This was FM4’s surprise concert with SALÒ

The Lunar Node is in Aries and the SALÒ + Band is at Cinema Paradiso in St. Pölten. He promised games, fun and sweat. The FM4 surprise concert was a unique “healing experience.”

Written by Alika Oshan

Almost like spots on a stage, the last rays of sunlight fall on the sign above Cinema Paradiso. The associated café, located directly on St. Pölten’s main square, is well attended, and two fans have secured a table right next to the entrance. They are the first to arrive here, even before Salou.

As always, he was feeling a bit nervous and tense when he arrived: “We went first to the Cinema Paradiso in Baden,” says Andy Bender, known as SALÒ, in an interview with FM4. It is also an anomaly that there is a Cinema Paradiso in one federal state, only 60 kilometers away. Sali has been known to slip into the role of conspiracy theorist on stage from time to time, and this theory may be why he first landed in Baden.

Katie Eileen Dempsey

All roads lead to St. Pölten

“I only believe what I can see with my own eyes,” Sally says. “I don’t believe in dinosaurs and I don’t believe in St. Pölten,” he hesitates. “Okay, but now I’m here and I know now that St. Pölten actually exists and it’s very beautiful there.” What Andy Binder in turn believes (even though you can’t really see it with your own eyes). Zodiac sign.

He’s very excited when he finds out that the next full moon will be a so-called wine moon and that the lunar node will remain in Aries until then: “I think that’s good, I’m an Aries. Ram at the end of April, that’s something, right?” You have to believe in something, it can be very beautiful. The Aries Moon Node means that we are currently in a healing phase.

“I’m in a phase like this myself, and the SALÒ ceremony is a place where old wounds are torn out and stitched back together all at once,” says Aries at the end of April, so it’s also a healing experience. It’s good that anyone who comes here today can get this week’s treatment for free. The FM4 surprise concert with SALÒ is free, and SALÒ only uses her fans’ zodiac signs as a commitment to her show.

SALÒ Live dates

11/27/23 Munich Electricity
23.12.9 Vienna, Flex (sold)
3.4.24 Vienna, Konzerthaus

A sweaty date

Almost the entire constellation is now roaming in front of the Paradiso cinema in St. Pölten. Libra and Scorpio see the FM4 surprise party as a belated birthday present, Cancer and Pisces took pizza with them as supplies for the Snakes, and Sagittarius looks very skeptical and asks, “Why do you want to know my zodiac sign?”

The question is, why not? “I think star signs are a good icebreaker on first dates,” Sally says. On first dates, you definitely shouldn’t be late (that’s why the party starts on time, of course), even if there are some people who have already had one or two wild and sweaty dates with SALÒ.

Salo Oko 2023

Katie Eileen Dempsey

It’s wild and sweaty again this time, from minute one: “If I’m cold during the first song, I’ll probably have energy until the end and not throw it all out at the beginning,” Andy said during the audio check on his band and he threw that decision on the spot. in the sea. But that’s the way it is with SALÒ, without the helpless restlessness it wouldn’t be the same.

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Pour sparkling water over the wine moon

Plus, it’s so contagious that you can practically see how his energy is transferred more and more to the audience with each song and eventually released into the inevitable annoying pits. A good life and contentment with what one has is what SALÒ wants to manifest in the next wine moon, and it looks as if it has already become a reality.

Salo Oko 2023

Katie Eileen Dempsey

“I promise you all that what you manifest on the full moon will come true,” he says. During the ceremony, the wine moon will be festively sprinkled with Prosecco. There are plenty of reasons to celebrate. For example, SALÒ will be touring with the band soon. Those who were already there that evening will definitely be there again. And singing along to Mia Morgan’s part in “Internetfreundin” is so loud that it drowns out the sound on the tape.

“Play, have fun and sweat,” SALÒ promised and delivered wholeheartedly. You don’t have to believe everything you read and hear, for example about dinosaurs. But what you can definitely believe is that every Aquarius woman, every Cancer woman, every Gemini woman, and every other zodiac sign will go home this evening with good feelings. The SALÒ ceremony is a free treatment and healing experience, you heard it here first.