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Walter Ischgller left the stage of life

Many still know the feeling when you step out of your home town at a young age and find yourself in a bigger city, in a “real” record store for the first time. When you suddenly see all the records and CD covers you might only know from magazines (the internet came later).
Where you can reveal all your musical desires without the salesman looking funny, and instead answering “Yes, we have” or “Can we order”. A satisfied smile spreads automatically over the facial muscles.

For many young and old in South Tyrol, Walter Echschler has turned Bolzano’s New Disco into a rock and metal haven. No matter what kind of music you want, you can find everything except classic songs. For decades, Walter has not only provided his clients with first-class music, but also recommended a meal or two of hearty dishes with a friendly smile.

But Walter Ischgller was more than just a salesman. He worked as a journalist for a long time writing reviews. In the 1980s he began managing bands and was one of the founders of the South Tyrol song scene.
Many South Tyrol musicians would not be where they are today had it not been for Walter’s help with his work and connections.
He also organized big festivals and brought international stars to South Tyrol, and he always had the chance to play as a supporter of South Tyrol youth.

Through his work he became a fighter in the South Tyrol music scene, an advisor to many musicians and often a good friend.

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Although he was never on stage as a musician, he was the real force behind the spotlight. Yesterday he left the stage and backstage area of ​​life after a serious illness.

Rock in Peace Walter!

Pictured: Walter Ischwalen with Freiwild