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“Mr. Song Contest proudly presents”: Andi Knoll Opening of ESC Evenings at ORF 1

Vienna He’s been Mr. Song Contest for over 20 years: Andi Knoll comments on ESC for ORF for TV viewers. This year he shares his inner knowledge again – he knows the peaks and failures, scandals, sensations, notable events and behind-the-scenes stories. With “Mr. Song Contest proudly presents” ESC evening opens at ORF 1 on 10, 12 and 14 May 2022 at 8.15pm. Right before the live performances of the Eurovision Song Contest, he presents his highlights of the relevant evening. In addition, local ESC experts broadcast their comments on Andi Knoll’s favorites – including print journalists Christian Ode (Klein Zeitung) and Stefan Weinberger (Kronen Zeitung), presenter Arabella Kisbauer, Gerald Fleischaker and Kernolamzonen, actress Lilian Klebeau and musicians Julian LePlay and Ina Regen, Waterloo, Missy May, Austrofred, Monika Ballwein, influencer Michael Buchinger and drag queen Tamara Mascara. Current photos are available at

Andy Knoll: “Allora. Italy we’re coming! I am really looking forward to being able to personally introduce the song contest host city to the public again after two years of temporary solutions. With night train pajamas in our baggage, but above all lots of hilarious comments from contest fans Notable songs”.

“Mr. Song Contest proudly presents (1)” on May 10 at 8:15 PM at ORF 1

Andy Knoll goes to Turin with LUM! X & Pia. Of course, in a contemporary, environmentally conscious way, by train. You meet each other on the train, you are happy with the sleeping compartments, and finally, the next day, you will arrive in Turin in the best shape. There Andy Noll escorts the two to the hall. In between, as usual, he presents the top 10 players in the first semi-finals. As in the show’s tradition, high-profile commentators aren’t always of his opinion.

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“Mr. Song Contest proudly presents (2)” on May 12 at 8:15 PM at ORF 1

Andy Knoll explores Turin, although he prefers to go to the mountains that are practically in front of his nose. It would only take 50 hours to walk to Mont Blanc, for example. It may not be Italian, but it is the highest mountain in Europe. In fact it is a must for Tyrolean and can be easily controlled. Spoiler alert: The ESC team refuses to go for a walk. But there are also other beautiful things to discover in the city, and of course, Andi also presents the top 10 players in the second semi-final, which notable ESC fans have commented on.

“Mr. Song Contest proudly presents (3)” on May 14 at 8:15 PM at ORF 1

Mr. Report Song Contest Andi Knoll from the red carpet for “Eurovision Song Contest” 2022. It follows the same laws in Turin as in previous years. In other words, all finalists have to walk across the “turquoise carpet” at least once. A perfect opportunity to stop one or the other and ask them to talk. By the way, Andi Knoll once again presents his top ten finalists. And of course it is also commented, analyzed and sometimes even criticized by celebrities.

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